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Reitunterricht Straubing Reitlehrer

 All inclusive livery service

Your horse will be housed, fed, taken out in the meadow or paddock  (depending on weather conditions), trained on foot and mounted to make it easier to handle, more flexible, stronger, better educated and more enjoyable under the saddle. The training is done according to the principles of  lightness,  relaxation, and  impulse. Each horse receives a personalized education according to his needs. 

Private tutoring at your home​

Personal coaching from beginning until High School. For experienced riders possibility to provide a horse (Spanish stallion) and facilities. Possibility to come directly in facilities with your own horse for private lessons.

Education of young horses​

Pre-training (establishing communication and trust smoothly as well as the foundations for future education under the saddle.) Breaking in (including work with long reins and work outdoors on foot and mounted), building and fortifying bases before moving toward training.

Horse training​

Physical and mental preparation, performance improvement, skills development, detection and resolution of behavior or mechanical problems. Specific training depending on the owner's goals (fitness, search for harmony, outdoor riding, competition ...).

Lunging, in hand work and long reins​

Three complementary methods to the mounted work that allow you, among other things, to change the daily work, to improve the communication and relationship with your horse, to soften the muscles in addition to the improvment of his breathing capacity and teach it new codes and exercises which will then be done much more easily once in the saddle.

Managing stress​

Your horse run sideways or turn back and start galloping in case of fear, he doesn't want to go in a corner of the training arena, he becomes difficult outside or gives you trouble during a competition because he is tense and fearful. These reactions can be changed, learn how to get a confident and relaxed horse with gentle, simple and effective methods.

To the artistic performance and a greater complicity

Discover or confirm the keys that will make your horse a show artist by teaching him fancy tricks like to bow, lay down, rear, do the Spanih walk and more.

Yoga for your horse​

In addition to learn how to detect body tensions and how to remedy it, you can extend the life of your horse in comfort and softness enhancing his physical and mental condition. You will also establish a better communication while spending quality time with him.

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