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           Barbara Wittl

" I met Roxane by chance in my daughter’s riding club. I was immediately impressed by the way she was working on the ground with her impressive black stallion and so I asked, if she would look over my work with my horse. I had already tried this kind of work with Mumbo - my own horse - and I considered myself well advanced. However, Roxane was not as impressed with my ground work as I had anticipated. She thought that my horse was “super stiff”, that it had lost all its energy and – last but not least – it was too fat with muscles at the wrong places … I was doing too much, my horse didn’t do enough.
Mumbo and I had to start our ground work all over again, which hasn’t been easy. My horse had to adapt to a totally new kind of commands – small gestures, short, but clear vocal commands. And I had to learn this new kind of dealing with my horse. I have to admit that Mumbo has been much faster than his mistress. There are so many things to think about: my way of giving commands, my voice, the rhythm of my steps, my position when working with my horse … 
Roxane has been helping me along. She is able to motivate both horse and rider with enormous patience and – most importantly – she is able to explain why exactly one has to do the things the way she has been showing them. And she is right, Mumbo and I are already doing really well! I would never have thought that we could make traversals by the hand! My horse has lost his lower neck, built muscle in the right places, and has become strong and agile. It responds to fine help and I also learned a lot. I now see exactly when Mumbo performs an exercice correctly, when he steps correctly, etc. and Roxane has also given me the methods to correct my horse calmly and completely non-violently, but no less effective.
If you want to work your horse in harmony and lightness, Roxane is the teacher you are looking for."


                         Rebekka Taffelt

" Before Roxane started to train my mare "Jessy" (wich is lovingly called "the beast" by her) we had big problems with her responding to legs, body weight and hands since she never had a correct breaking. But very soon after the first hours of training anyone could see big progress already. Thanks to the motivation and patience of Roxane Jessy was learning very fast and is now responding very finely to the aids. And i do too profit from the knowledge of my trainer. She is always there for me if I have questions about my horse and offers me good advice. Greetings."


                       Anja Freude



"I have the stable right at the house, but my first horse is sick since years and I can't ride her anymore. Also I fell down two times and since, I developed a bit of fear when it comes to riding. Nevertheless, at the end of november 2014, my new horse, 9 years old PRE named Graciosa arrived. I fell in love with her immediately but it was soon obvious that I wasn't the best rider. Fortunately, at the same time came Roxane in our lives and we started training one to three times per week. The way she teaches is really wonderful for me. Her behaviour is full of stillness and kindness and she know every little thing I could improve. But the most important thing is that she loves horses and her way to handle them is respectful, smooth and clear. Every riding lesson makes me feel on the good way to suceed and improve on this never ending path that is to be a perfect rider. And we have a lot of fun because she has humor, charme and the same sensitive feeling for human beeings as for horses. Graciosa learned the shoulder in and the quater inn, she learned to lift her belly and to make her back nicely round, to make slow steps and to find her balance... She also lost her fear for chain saws and forest ghosts. Roxane bring new impulses in every training and you realise that her way of teaching is very individual for you and your horse. No riding lesson is like the other and with her, it's not just riding, it's also a self consciousness and self trust journey. Each session gives you a little challenge and brings you to an edge, but you will never have the feeling you would not have mastered it. Now, Graciosa is a safe horse ready to go out with me in the forest. The old Academic Art of Riding is a real art and Roxane a real artist. Greetings."  


                    Walter Schinn


" I am just getting 60 years old, and had - prior to Roxane - no idea about riding. Amba, my big  Appaloosa was a naughty stubborn beast. She is still like that today, but only when it comes to her hay. And otherwise she is unrecognizable. Willing to learn, cool, in balance. This change has a name : Roxane. An unmanagable and sometimes dangerous dragon became a horse that goes simply along and which I can rely on in any place. It happend without violence, Roxane did that with a big mind for horses and even more skills, with incredible patience and endurance. Wow, it's much appreciate and thanks for that. We continue - and if Amba keeps on learning like that, she may soon be working as a show horse !! So if you are looking for someone who trains you and your four-legged friend with heart, sense and a horse spirit, then go ahead and try Roxane."   


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