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Roxane Jouan 

Passionate about horses since her childhood but not being from a family of horsemen, Roxane Jouan starts to ride pony at the age of 8 in an equestrian center of the Paris suburbs. At 14, her passion for horses has become so strong that she decide to make it her work. Roxane then went to Normandy for 4 years of training in riding school and obtained two diplomas (BEPA and BAC CGEA) of equine and farm management. She began to specialize in breaking in and training young horses as much as rehabilitation of horses called "difficult". Wanting to try everything, she rode in show jumping, dressage and cross-country, led racehorses, began western riding and even tried hiking and endurance. With time and experience, Roxane realizes that each sector always brings her back to dressage. In Deauville, she then follows the instruction of a dressage master that strengthens her skills. In 2008, she successfully pass her riding instructor diploma (BEPJEPS). Roxane is then recruited in a horse show where her "equestrian life " takes a new turn since she discover the Spanish stallions and with them, the Airs above the ground and the High School. While teaching during the day, each evening Roxane learns to fight with swords, to handle cossack vaulting, work with the Garrocha and to perform capriole etc... She then went to Andalusia in southern Spain to fortify her riding and knowledge among teachers of the great  schools. Finally, she return to France and arrive soon after in Germany. No longer interested in competition, she now practices an elegant riding made for pleasure, a riding where there is no need to be the best.

To Roxane, horseback riding has become an art of beauty whose lightness, finenesse and harmony are the essential keys that she wants to transmit to her students.

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